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Number of Articles: 9
Application of a three dimensional numerical model and soft computing models in discharge coefficient estimation for combined weir-gate structure

Volume 13, Issue 46, November 2020, Pages 9-28

Mohsen Najarchi; Nima Aein; seyyed mohammad Mirhosseini Hezaveh; Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Najafizadeh; Ehsanollah Zeighami

Numerical study of the effect of trapezoidal obstacle in the mixing of muddy flow

Volume 12, Issue 43, March 2020, Pages 153-166

Mohammad Givhighi; bahareh Pirzadeh; sakineh safari

Numerical Modeling of Wave Run-up Over the Armoured Breakwater Employing the Flow-3D Software

Volume 10, Issue 33, October 2017, Pages 37-48

Mahmoud Zakeri Niri; Farzad Milanian; Saeed Golian

Numerical Simulation of Flow Pattern on the Triangular Plan Form Weirs and Comparing to Linear weir Techniques Using Flow-3D

Volume 9, Issue 29, October 2016, Pages 125-137

Amir Hamzeh Haghiabi; Bahador Abbaspoor; Abbas Maleki; Hasan Torabi Pudeh

Numerical study of the effect of discharge on flow pattern around a submerged spur dike in an open channel

Volume 9, Issue 28, June 2016, Pages 67-80

Mohammad Vaghefi; Afshin Eghbalzadeh; Mokhtar Rostamnezhad